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Do you have a Grey or Coloured Horse, or a horse with white markings? Are you fed up with paying for those really expensive 'blueing' shampoos that never seem to do what they promise...but always seem to successfully empty your purse instead?

So what will whiten your horse's coat and counteract stains for the show ring?

Well, back in the days when people had more sense than money, 'blueing' was THE way to whiten a horses coat. Have a word with your mother, or your grandmother and they'll tell you (if you're not old enough to remember), that the old 'blue’ bags were the only way to whiten a horses coat. It was the traditional way to counteract stains and the yellowing effect of direct sunlight. It was used by stud grooms and those with 'the knowledge' of horses.

Now this same, traditional pigment, is available once again but under the name of EQUINE BLUE.

EQUINE BLUE is a totally safe, inert pigment that is added to water and given as a final rinse to your horse. The effect is...well, BRILLIANT!

Use this site to find out all about EQUINE BLUE, its applications, the history of 'blueing' and how to use it.

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